Thursday, February 19, 2009

A New Beginning!~!~!

Hey guys it's been a while since i blogged yeh? Don't ya think? Sorry for the long wait. I doubt anyone will visit here anymore, but anyways...just to keep least....I'll just make a post =) But if anyone happens to drop by. Please say hi at the C-BOX hahaha wth. Alrighty, anyway I already started college at Jan, to those who didn't know, I'm at Sunway College right now, taking AUSMAT as my course.

College is fun afterall, new friends, new environment, new time table. It's stressful at times with assignments, but...I really enjoy college. You know, usual stuffs like having new friends around to...err...entertain me perhaps? It's a nice experience, to all NS-goers. Pls kindly drop by and say hi if you will THANK YOU! =)

Oh well this is the end of mah post. Well, catch you guys again soon.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Losing Control

Milton rushed to the building where Rose worked at. He left his car keys at his house, he was at his office before he left. So, he took a cab, it was 8.00 at night. He handed the driver a 50 dollar bill without asking for the change and rushed out. Rose was just coming out of the lift in the parking lot. There was a smile on his face when he saw Rose, but it soon disappeared when he noticed that Rose was crying.

She was talking to another person...Milton only saw his back and it looked strangely familiar. Milton got really mad when he saw Rose hugging that person. Milton was smart, he will not get hasty or try not to. Little that he know that he is going to lose it tonight...this very fateful night that will change his life. He kept himself calm.

Rose left outside the parking lot. Part of Milton wanted go to her and apologize...Part of him tells him to identify that guy who hugged Rose. He chose to hid himself from Rose which also meant to identify that person. As that person turned around, he identified him at one glance, he didn't need more time to identify him. Andy was Milton's close friend. He worked at Rose's company as a superior to her. Milton felt that it was okay to have Rose work under him as they were really close. But, no matter how close they were, Milton really lost it this time.

He noticed a grin at Andy's face. He made sure that Rose left before any actions were taken. His phone rang, and to his surprise, it was Andy's message saying "Hey buddy, Rose is heading back home now and don't worry as you said. I kept an close eye on her, she's not with any other guys."

Milton, rushes towards Andy from the back and shoved him to the ground. "You motherfucker! I told you to keep an eye on her and what the hell do you think that you are doing?!" Shouted Milton

"Keeping an even closer contact? hahaha...Why? Are you jealous? Huh? Tell me? I'll tell you something...Rose said...that you weren't suitable for her...and to add on. You know why Rose overnight at the office yesterday? I'll tell ya...she sure is a good kisser..." said Andy with an evil grin.

"You Fucker!!" Milton rose his hands ready to land a blow on that scum's face.

"Go ahead...kill me...hahahaha!!! What's the matter? Too scared? You've always been a pussy." Andy said with a mocking tone.

"You Don't worry...I will..." Milton landed a punch on Andy's face. It broke Andy's nose. Milton then stomped Andy a few more times. He could see that Andy was in pain and he enjoyed it now.

"No! Please Stop!! I was just kidding! I didn't do anything to Rose!" Andy was scared now, he didn't think that Milton will act that recklessly.

"You bet!" Milton took Andy's head and crush it on to a nearest car's windshield a couple of time. Andy's head was now in a bloody mess.

"Stop Milton....aarghhhh" Andy pleaded. Milton didn't listen he stomped on Andy's hands, breaking all the fingers. He saw a lead pipe on the ground, used it and landed a hard blow that connects to Andy's head and it was the end. Milton dropped the lead pipe. He checked on Andy. He's not breathing.

"I...I didn't mean to...I just got out of control" Milton spoke to himself softly...staring at his hands...blood drenched. He found himself in deep shit.

Stay tune for more =D

Anyways SPM is coming so near already man. I'm not prepared~~ aih. Die larh Die larh. Must study already. No use regretting now.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hatred, Jealousy, Anger.

"I...I didn't mean to...I just got out of control" Milton spoke to himself softly...staring at his hands...blood drenched. He found himself in deep shit. He just killed his best friend. The only one he could count on. The only one that would only trust him. You cannot blame him that it turned out like this. He just lost his control. Let's wind the clock a few hours back.

"Damn! Why do you have to blame me all the time?! You think that I wouldn't want to spend more time with you?! Is that what you think?! NO...I have work honey...please...No I'm not going out with another one. God.....Hey babe...I'm..." Milton was stopped as Rose cut off the line.

"...sorry." Milton finished the sentence. Milton was sick of this relationship, his girlfriend, Rose always demanded more time with him. Sadly, he knew he wouldn't want end this relationship. So he had to compromise, he loved her more than he loved anyone else. He bought a bouquet of flower and a card to apologize to Rose.

To be continued =D

Sorry just out of ideas of what to blog, so yesterday I thought, why not write a dumb story? It's fictional, some may like it, but most will find it bored. Anyways, I'm blogging just to express my feelings. Haha Til then, see ya!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just A Short One =D

Caution : Nonsense below(REALLY!), viewers discretion advised and don't read while eating =)

Hey is so goddamn easy, shouldn't even be at form 5 level, I mean like what the hell? Look at chemistry...oh my's goddamn EASY man...thermochem? redox reaction? EASY AS SHIT!!! YES!!! so darn easy, that I can Finish the paper without even thinking twice or checking it twice, so easy that I can close my eyes while doing it, so easy that I can do biology and it at the same time...Yeah it's so easy to.....

FAIL!!! WTF!!! Trials is triceratops puke fest!! It's like a dog wearing a spacesuit trying to release faecal matter in outer space. It's Like, you've finally released all your bowels, and god it feel great...but then you suddenly feel like puking and puke onto the pile of faeces! It's like stuffing a rotten skunk into a pipe and drinking the water. Oh...gawd...this is getting's so sick it's's so sick a cow would rather stuff a rotten carcase of it's calf into it's mouth while eating grass..It's so's like listening to CRAZY FROG while having him pissing all over your face!!!..oh god....

And to make things worse, I wanna know.....Is Taylor Swift with One of the Jonas??? If it is...OMGWTFBBQ!!~!~~ Ahh!!!! It's like Tyrannosaurus FART FEST!!! What's wrong with the world!! And To make THinGS even more super duper OMGWTFBBQ WORSE!! I have news that at the year 2012 DECEMBER, It will BE the "END" of humanity, LITERALLY!!! GAWD. I'm Just 21 by then...OMGWTFBBQ!! SO WAHAHAHA, ENJOY LIFE!! =)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Omg....what a title...hahaha! Anyways, from that title above, you guys might've very well guessed it already. Yes! It's the princess's big day! So! Let's give a big big(I mean really really big) shoutout to Justine!! HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY!! wahaha. Will update more of the happenings on that day soon lawls! Til then see ya!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Breathing in sulfur

Trials starts next week, I'm really not prepared, I'm just going to do my best anyway! Good Luck to those who are having trials too.

I got my watch back =/ after 5 long months, I thought the service was slow but I soon found out that the strap was out of stock, well, that's what they said. Anyways they didn't charge me, it was supposed to be RM80 for the strap. So, they are happy(I guess?) and I am happy. Huhu.

I'll stop here, =/ couldn't think of other things to blog about, yeah I'm going to talk about my trip to Kuantan next! + human nature,emotions,etc.etc.? Perhaps? I'll see how it goes =) Huhu. Til Then See Ya!

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Monday, September 1, 2008


Today is my mum's birthday! Happy Birthday Mum!! Thanks for everything! Celebrated in Kuantan =/ Huhu, will post again soon. Til then, see ya.

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